Ways to EARN

                  1. Be a TECHNOPRENEUR NOW!                                

Avail our Packages that would give you a Once in a Lifetime OPPORTUNITY to experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM...

Millionaire's Package-- ( w/ PHP 5,500 rebate on the next day; with Higher Potential to Earn BIG INCOME! )

Our Best Seller Package-- (w/ PHP 1,500 rebate on the next day; also with Big Income Opportunity )
Our Starter Package

Ways on HOW to EARN as a Technopreneur

1. Purchase of our available packages that is vary from your Budget. But choosing the right package will determine on how fast you want to achieve your DREAMS.
2. You will Enjoy 8% to 11% Lifetime Personal Discounts on all prepaid products
3.In every package there is a TechnoUser Cards. Numbers of your TechnoUser cards vary on what package you avail. Like for example, you avail the Fast Track Package worth 3, 988.00 pesos, this would include 20 pcs of TechnoUser cards, 20 pricelists, 20 quick guides, 20 TAP brochures, 3 Smart Sim cards and 2 Tarpaulin.
4. Each TechnoUser card is worth 250 pesos. So if you will sell it , 250 pesos x 20= 5,000 pesos ( ROI )
5. You Will also earn unlimited DIRECT Sales INCENTIVES of 500 pesos everytime you endorse.
6. UNLIMITED ROYALTY BONUS ( Team Sales Bonus ) of 500 pesos, everytime your Team A and Team B paired up.
7. Earn 40 pesos of Subscription Sales Override from your TechnoUsers and from your members and their corresponding TechnoUsers starting on your 1st level up to 10th level and 20 pesos on your 11th level to infinity.
8. Also Earn 1% as Patronage Reward from your TechnoUsers and from your members and their corresponding TechnoUsers eachtime they purchase 100 pesos of myTurf products on your 1st level up to 10th level.

Note: To ensure the Equality of income distribution, VMOBILE set a SAFETY NET.

30,000 pesos / day
210,000 pesos / week
900,000 pesos / month

2. Be a TechnoUser NOW!

You can START earning for as LOW as 250pesos as starting capital and Earn 300K pesos from others LOad!

3 Ways to Register

1. Buy access card only for 250 pesos and replenish loadwallet to our accredited banks like BDO, BPI, METROBANK and UNION BANK, minimum of 500pesos loadwallet thru banks.
2. 300 pesos registration fee inclusive of 50 pesos loadwallet.
3. 500 pesos, registration fee inclusive of 300 pesos loadwallet

Ways on How to Earn as a TechnoUser

1. Enjoy 8% to 11% Lifetime Personal Discounts / Profits on all Prepaids
2. You can also Earn by registering other TechnoUsers thru TAP under myTURF Program. In every Technouser you register, you will earn Subscription Sales Override of 50 pesos on your 1st level and 20 pesos on the 2nd to the 8th level.
3. You will earn Patronage Reward of 1% in every 100p purchase of myTurf products from your TechnoUsers on your 1st level to the 10th level. 

Reminder: myTurf program is not for selling but for personal consumption! 

Let's talk and we'll find ways to conquer YOUR Dreams!
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